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About the Heart and Vision of lastrituals

Hi there, I’m Daria, the soul behind lastrituals.

My world’s always been a little sprinkled with magic and whimsy. My journey into digital planning began with an iPad during my maternity leave. It’s a realm where the whimsical and magical come to life. Everything I needed was in this small, notebook-sized device, and it felt great since I live the clean desk policy and a paperless life. My mind was organized, and so was my desk.

 I started making products to help you feel this way too. Ich wollte dies weiter geben und anderen das selbe Erlebnis ermöglichen.

Each planner and sticker at Lastrituals is crafted with care, offering a space for peace, creativity, and personal discovery. They are more than just tools; they are gateways to scribble, dream, and evolve. Discover with me the joy and whimsical realms with journaling.

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